All Test Equipment Must Be Checked Regularly

It is good practise to regularly check that your test equipment is in perfect working order and the R1R2 Link is no exception.

As there are certain environmental factors that can demagnetise a magnet it is strongly recommended that you check the strength of the magnetic connection as part of your on-going test equipment checks.

A simple jig as shown can be used to test that the link is achieving the desired low resistance connection between the screwdriver bit and the terminal screw. This should be in the range of 0.00Ω to 0.05Ω

Do not short out the link

There are many factors which may damage a magnet such as Alternating Current and high temperatures.

If you accidently sort out the link this may well decrease the strength of the magnet and increase the resistance of the connection.

Remember that the R1R2 Link is not intended to be used on a ‘Live’ board.