Do you want to reduce the time required when testing?

Do you want to eliminate the risk of damaging connections?

If the answer is yes then the R1R2 Link is for you.

The R1R2 Link is a high strength magnetic link to be used for low resistance continuity testing of R1+R2. Using the link eliminates the need to remove the line conductor on all radial circuits to link to the CPC.

This means that you no longer have to loosen connections on MCB's.

Take a look at the How to Use tab above for a video demonstrating the use of the R1R2 Link and also the videos in the Reviews section.

Ideal for training centres and colleges, will save damage to expensive MCB's and speed up learner assessments.

The R1R2 Link can be used for continuity testing on a wide range of electrical equipment.

Available in a range of bright colours to be easily identified during testing.